Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tips for Nursing School

I apologize to my two readers for the absence of my blogging. I have been super busy in Nursing school. I've been thinking about what I've learned over the last year and I think it's time I gave you some insider information. Here's a few things I've learned that may or may not help you out in school.

1. If you are thinking about going to nursing school but aren't there yet, volunteer at the hospital. I'm serious, it's not just for old ladies and community organizations. I was privileged enough to volunteer for a couple months at Whittier Pres. I got to wander around all over the place and meet doctors and nurses and therapists of every kind. I got to see what the job was really like. It focused my goals.

2. Go ahead and buy an NCLEX review book at the beginning of clinicals. Look on Amazon and try to find the one with the highest rating, especially one that has questions sorted out by topic with rationales for the answers. And buy them used if you can find them on Amazon or it can save you big bucks!!

3.Take time to play. But don't do it all the time. Some days you're just going to have to work hard from sun up to sundown. Just remember to relax on your days off. Take time to exercise. That freshman fifteen wasn't your birth control. It was your metabolism slowing down. Even if you only go for a walk on the weekend, it's better than nothing. Don't drink too much. Try to get off the caffeine and cigarettes. You're going to be a nurse; set a good example. The immediate gratification will cost more in the long run.

4. Don't study for the grades. I know it sounds ridiculous, but your goal in studying shouldn't be to make A's. Studying isn't a product-oriented activity. It is process-oriented. You will need this information in your professional life. Not just in your student-life.

5. If you have to work, or you have kids or are just unorganized make a study schedule. If you can stick to it, you will learn more. Also if you need a quiet place to study, and your home is not it go to a library it can help tremendously.

Ok well that's it for now, I will be able to give more once we get closer to graduation.